Being a Community Real Estate Authority

Being seen, heard and valued as the local real estate authority can be challenging. You need to do the marketing and paperwork to keep revenue consistent, however your business really comes from connecting and participating in your community. We are here to help!

Your Behind the Scenes Real Estate Authority Support Team

We are a team of producers, editors, copywriters, and social experts ready to help you grow your real estate business through original content and connections. Our team invest over 20 hours weekly so you can spend more time connecting with members of your community and nurturing past clients.

Let us help you shine in the real estate market.

Unlock the Secrets of Success

Dive deep into the expertise of real estate maven, CEO Kim Hayden, an award winning 6 and 7 figure career.

Get Creative and Stand Out

Say goodbye to boring content and hello to original podcasts, newsletters, reels, and a swanky quarterly magazine.

Become the Talk of the Town

Attract more listings and dominate the real estate scene without uncomfortable cold calls, low converting funnels and time consuming door knocking.

Our Services

Let us take care of the behind the scenes, while you focus on growing your real estate business.

Content Creation

Engage your audience with original and captivating content.through communtiy interviews.

Connection Building

Expand your network and build valuable connections. Provide a platform to showcase community leaders and business that can be great collaborators.

Brand Promotion

Promote your brand and secure more listings. through promoting interviews on your show, community leaders and businesses help promote your market authority in their network.

What We Offer

Let's work together to grow your real estate business and become a community real estate authority.

Show Runner

We reach out and book guest interviews, providing a level of professionalism

Podcast Production

Remote Producer available during recording times. Create engaging and informative podcasts for your audience.

Newsletter Creation

Stay connected with your audience through regular newsletters highlighting recent episode

Reel Creation

promote your local authority by creating engaging reels from your interview.

A Syndicated podcast connecting market experts across the nation

Valued Touch Point

Creating a quarterly magazine from your words, your interest and for your market.

Thanks to Resilient New Media, I've seen a significant increase in my brand awareness and listings. Their support is invaluable!

— Shara Aban

Real Estate Agent

Dominate your Real Estate market

Be omnipresent, be seen and be heard

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