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Douglas Hayden

Douglas Hayden, Founder, President, and CSO of Arthroto Group, has over 25 years' experience in the real estate sector, successfully executing more than 1,800 transactions. A tech-savvy innovator, he previously held crucial roles in multiple tech startups acquired by industry giants, such as Apple and IBM. Honoured with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Citizenship Medal and the Alberta Centennial Medal, Doug continues to revolutionize the real estate industry.

Kim Hayden

Kim Hayden is an award-winning Realtor with over 22 years in the industry, facilitating 1500+ transactions and guiding fellow agents towards property prosperity. A recognized TV host, she spotlighted "Homes & Lifestyles Canada" and "Kim's Kitchen." Transitioning into leadership, Kim founded the Resilient Series brand to empower female entrepreneurs. Honored with the Alberta Centennial and Queen's Diamond Jubilee awards for community contributions, her diverse expertise makes her an invaluable voice in real estate, media, and women's empowerment.

Spencer Marks

Spencer Marks, the COO and Co-Founder of Arthroto, boasts a prestigious Cornell Engineering background. A proven leader, he's adept at navigating tech startups, highlighted by his guidance in IPOs, 30+ M&As, and setting executive standards for public companies. Marks shines in strategic goal-setting, driving organizations to their targets. His diverse expertise ranges from constructing large office spaces to shaping tech environments nationwide. With experience managing multi-million-dollar budgets and leading crucial US Air Force programs, Spencer remains an invaluable asset to Arthroto's growth.

Angela Merzib

Angela Merzib is the fearless founder of Be Bold Branding, headquartered in Calgary, Canada, where she crafts audacious brands for industry disruptors since 2008. With over two decades in the creative realm, Angela, a certified brand strategist, blends business goals with innovative design. Her background as a kickboxing instructor and roller derby competitor injects her unique flair into brand-building. Angela's mission: bridge the gap between business objectives and impactful creative solutions. Angela continues to empower entrepreneurs to punch above the noise.

Julie Haskill

Julie Haskill is passionate about transforming visions into tangible, profitable realities. Her belief is anchored in the idea that while hard work lays the foundation, it's the strategic approach that brings about transformative results. Since 2007, Julie has collaborated closely with business owners, non-profits, and government agencies, meticulously crafting brand identities, websites, and innovative graphics. For her, a brand transcends mere logos—it encapsulates the story, personality, value, and aspirations of a business. Julie's enthusiasm lies in supporting entrepreneurs, guiding them to unlock their utmost potential.

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