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Kim Hayden

Founder + CEO

Kim Hayden is not just a voice behind a microphone; she's a seasoned communicator with a legacy of connecting audiences to compelling narratives. As the driving force behind the acclaimed 500 Doors Real Estate Podcast and Kim Talks Resilience Podcast, Kim has successfully navigated the podcasting landscape, turning her shows into an industry touchstones.

Her rich background in real estate, combined with her stint as a TV host, affords her an uncanny ability to weave stories and impart wisdom in an engaging manner. Beyond hosting, Kim's venture into producing successful television shows, including "Kim's Kitchen" and "Homes & Lifestyles Canada", further underlines her media expertise. Recognized with accolades like the Alberta Centennial award and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commonwealth award,

If you're venturing into podcasting or aiming to be an impactful guest, Kim's unparalleled experience, commitment to excellence, and deep industry knowledge make her the quintessential guide on your journey.

Jackson Reed

Production Manager

Jackson Reed is a podcast producer, with a range of experience in recording, editing, and guest booking. 

A graduate of the Journalism program at Mount Royal University, Jackson got his start in podcasting with his very own show “Guess That Record,” a music podcast where he’s interviewed distinguished guests like David Paich from Toto, Jim Vallance, Kelly Hrudey, Paul McCartney’s horn section the Hot City Horns, former Prince engineer Susan Rogers, and Huey Lewis drummer Bill Gibson.

With a passion for music and podcasting, Jackson strives to produce high quality content, and to book high quality guests for his clients. 

Julie Haskill

VP Marketing + Communications

An award-winning marketing and communications professional, Julie is the driving force behind getting the word out about Resilient New Media and making sure podcasts and guests shine online.

Julie knows just how to make a podcast or a guest stand out with great branding and a strong online presence. She understands what listeners are looking for and uses this to help Resilient New Media's podcasts rise above the crowd.

In a world where everyone is trying to get noticed, Julie makes sure Resilient New Media and its clients always get the spotlight they deserve.

Rob Gaudio


Rob Gaudio is an award-winning entrepreneur that’s founded successful companies and consulted small businesses regarding financial planning and management for over 25 years.

Fueled by a BA in Economics and MBA in finance, he married this expertise in business accounting and personal finance to educate and empower professionals to develop a Business Money Mindset to gain control of their financials.

He’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (Top 100 Brilliant Ideas) and appeared in NY Times, People, ABC News, USA Today, and Good Morning America.

Dexter Hayden

VP Operations

Dexter Hayden, boasts a diverse background in media and business development, rooted in Calgary, Alberta.

As a graduate with an Associate of Arts in Film and Video Production from SAIT, Dexter's passion extends from photography and videography to operating drones. For almost three years, Dexter enhanced sales initiatives as a Sales Specialist at In-Houze Productions, further cementing his reputation in the media realm. Dexter's niche lies in residential real estate, accentuating Alberta's houses and condos.

Dexter's dedication to his craft shines brightly in every endeavor.

Maxine R.

Social Media Content Creator

Maxine Rose, a dedicated computer science student, is also a passionate social media content creator.

With a penchant for fuzzy blankets and iced coffee, she brings warmth and creativity to her work.

Maxine's talent lies in transforming show episodes and guest appearances into engaging media assets that captivate audiences while delivering exceptional content.

Join her journey for a delightful blend of tech and creativity! ☕🖥️ #ContentCreator #TechEnthusiast

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